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Did an excellent job on my car! Not only did he sort out the ignition problem, but he fixed the scratch down the side!
Will definitely bring my next project here!

Coel H.

Did a great job on our pickup. Will use him again

Fern W.

Wonderful would totally recommend

Iedia W.

Devon is the type of man that will talk to you and treat you like a person, not a subject. He is professional and courteous and thorough. He has done work on my Subaru and my Dodge Ram. I will take my vehicle to Devon at Red 1 before anyone else now and a lot of that is because of the way he treats people. Plus he is good at his job.

Megan W.

This place is amazing! A very professional man who will always keep his word. Will recommend this shop to anyone.

Triangle N.

Wonderful. Would totally recommend.

Lyedia W.